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Semi-Permanent Makeup

Glo Cosmetic Aesthetics, Skincare Clinic St Neots

GLO Micro-blading

If you're tired of spending your mornings filling in your eyebrows, you may consider Microblading. If carried out correctly it can be a fantastic treatment for the restoration of your brows.

Microblading only looks great if you can achieve crisp and fine results. Clients with enlarged pores, oily, thin, mature or hypersensitive skins are not suitable. Your permanent makeup artist should be able to advise you on the best alternative if you have less than perfect skin.

Pigment is applied to the lower levels of the epidermis by using a disposable hand held tool finished with a row of tiny pins. These tools vary in size dependent on the amount of pins that it has. More pins equal a thicker hair stroke, less pins equal a finer, more crisp hair stroke. The tool is placed into pigment and then glided through the skin to create the illusion of hairs. In your treatment, each brow will be worked over approximately 3 times and you will feel a scratchy sensation.

As with regular tattoos, Microblading will fade. The amount of fading that you should expect will be determined by the amount of UV exposure you expose your skin to, your skins natural metabolism, health and age of skin, as well as skin type and condition.

You should return to your artist approximately every 12-18 months for a 'Colour Boost.' The pigments that are used are designed to fade naturally over time and you should discuss this at the time of your appointment.

Glo Cosmetic Aesthetics, Skincare Clinic St Neots

GLO Ultra-Realistic Brows

The Ultra Realistic brow is a Permanent Makeup technique that gives you either full brow colour, subtle shading of the brow or an ombre effect (lighter at the start of the brow, graduating to a darker tail). The effect should enhance your brow area without the requirement for makeup on a daily basis. 

This brow treatment is a favoured look for clients wanting a brow that transcends fashion with minimal upkeep. The reason behind this is that it can be performed on most skin types and ages, can be customised to suit your treatment expectations and doesn't fade un-naturally.

The end result will be that of an airbrushed or pixilated brow that looks natural with or without your base makeup. The Powder Brow is also applied using a traditional permanent makeup machine and a fine needle or needles. Pigments for the brow area can vary from brown black through to variations of greys, blondes, reds and browns.

Glo Cosmetic Aesthetics, Skincare Clinic St Neots

GLO Lip Blush

Lip Blushing is a subtle wash of colour across the entire lip area. When applied on top of the clients natural lip colour, the finished result should be that of a just tinted, enhanced lip.

Pigment is applied to the lips using a traditional Permanent Makeup machine (similar to a tattoo machine) and a fine needle or needles. Using a variety of techniques, the pigment is gently pushed into the lips in a rotary or pendulum movement.

As we want to ensure there will be an even pigment tone, there may be the requirement for multiple review sessions to achieve the required colour. Once the treatment has concluded, you shouldn't need a colour boost for approximately 2 years.

Glo Cosmetic Aesthetics, Skincare Clinic St Neots

GLO Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner or eyelash enhancement sits within or above the lash line to give the appearance of fuller lashes. This line can be vary in thickness to suit your particular requirements. Generally I prefer to advise my clients against having what is know as a 'Latino liner' or 'Cat flick'. As we age, our natural contours drop meaning that any eyeliner that extends too far past the clients natural lash line will also drop. By having your eyeliner applied within the lash line, it will create the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes.

Once again, permanent eyeliner is applied using a traditional permanent makeup machine and a fine needle. Pigments for the eye area can vary from blackest black through to variations of greys, blues and browns.

The skin around the eye area is very thin and is sensitive to pressure and friction. You must be prepared for a slight amount of inflammation and redness following the treatment and the sensation of tired eyes. This will only last approximately 24 hours.

Pre & Post-Treatment Advice


  • A sensitivity skin test is required at least 24 hours prior to the treatment. 

  • Please understand there are traces of nickel in some needles and pigments and that this may affect you if you have an allergy to nickel.

  • The skin test will not always confirm or determine conclusively if you have an allergy to nickel or whether you will have a reaction to the products used within the treatment which you have requested. 

  • Your treatment suitability will be based on completion of a medical questionnaire and consent form. This is to ensure that you have no non medical or medical condition that contra indicates the treatment and ensures your treatment safety. 

  • Please avoid any abrasive facial treatments, injectable aesthetics or facial hair removal (waxing, epilation or laser) prior to your semi permanent makeup treatment.


  • We provide our clients with a homecare package that includes products to heal and soothe as well as an spf 50 to protect against UV exposure. 

  • Our products our designed to heal and calm and do not impede the healing process in any way. An extra bonus is that they are all vegan friendly and paraben free. 

  • Post treatment advice includes support and guidance from our caring team and we are always just an email, text or phone call away. 

  • A detailed description of home care that is specific to your treatment will be provided to you prior to your appointment and discussed in length. 

  • We care about what we do, we care about you!

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